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YES It's true one of my friends ran off with my wife, However the "real" evidence is long gone!

********WARNING subject appearing in photographs is not the subject driving the car.********

Oops. I just don't photograph well, what can I say?. That is my male super model friend. He is my exact twin from an alternate universe. Same exact EVERYTHING, even the tattoo. Obviously, he does photograph well.

My name is tom and this is my story.....


Although it did happened back in 2003. My daughter’s mother, it turns out, was really only 20 years old. She was absolutely, POSITIVELY, not ready to be a wife and a mother, I mean, let’s cut her a little slack, who would be. Right? She wasn't even legally allowed to drink yet. So being the gorgeous creature that she was (and still is), one of my friends decided that he was more interested in hanging out with her than with me (fortunately for me). Long story short, She moved off to Manhattan and I got to raise this beautiful girl on my own. Of all the things that I have accomplished in life, raising a child has been, by LEAPS AND BOUNDS, the most satisfying thing of all. Please don't have sympathy for me, trust me, that was a true gift from God. What you can do for me is spread this among all of your single girlfriends. Now that my daughter is grown, daddy is just trying to catch a date, a drink with an adult would be so VERY refreshing. *********CAUTION THERE IS ONE SUPER HUMAN POWER THAT YOU MUST BE AWARE OF. This assimilation is the best way to describe it is with this fairy tale that I'm sure you are familiar with: 


 Princess and frog. Add a kiss           




                    ....Irresistible Man


  Unsuspecting damsel and myself.

                          Add Alcohol




.....Irresistible man (that would be me) 

About me:

I have been 45 a number of years now (but my spirit age is 29). Thin, Fit, 6’1”.

Active, I definitely like to keep it moving. I guess you could say I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I have a pilot’s license and have more time flying upside down in a small plane than most people have flying right side up, in a small plane *(see info at bottom for legal disclaimers). Before fatherhood I used to race cars (road racing or GT racing) and I do have a little race car (It sounds substantially more impressive than it is, trust me). I love to shoot zombies at the range. I like to play pool, darts, bowling and I love to prank people (glueing a silver dollar to the floor in the mall) etc.

I do like to slow down occasionally as well. I enjoy a good Netflix night at home as much as anything else. I am a Very good cook and I am very comfortable in the kitchen but don't bother asking me to clean up though. I do own a car repair shop as well as a few other businesses (That also sounds way more impressive than it really is).


Little known facts about me:

1. I have a tendency to randomly burst out laughing for no apparent   

    reason and I really enjoy making random people smile with a joke or a


2. I keep a spare battery jumper pack, key lock-out kit and a pretty   

    extensive set of car repair tools and parts in the trunk just in

    case I find a stranded motorist.

3. I tend to meet more people at the grocery store than I do online, with

    substantially better outcomes.

4. My name (TommyKid) is written under the handrail on the 2nd landing

    of the eiffel tower

    (much to the chagrin of the Parisian’s I'm sure)

My absolute favorite thing to do in life, is to make sure people are laughing and smiling when I'm around. It always feels good to brighten up peoples lives throughout the day. I have a very extensive list of jokes & riddles (I do carry small prizes for excellent riddle solvers) and often entertain long lines while waiting. It makes the time go by quicker for everyone and, well, it's really just lots of fun. Hope I was successful at making you laugh and smile as well, with my real life story packed in my trunk. 

*Although It is not legal to fly aerobatics, it is legal to practice “unusual attitude recovery” per FAR guidelines§§ 121.419, 121.423, 121.424, and 121.427. All my "unusual attitude recovery" came from several military pilots and was all TOTALLY within FAA regulations.

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The not so impressive "RACE CAR"

Smile, Cuz U R the greatest thing that's happened to me today!!